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10th International Conference In Nutritional And Environmental Medicine (NEM CON 2020)

After the successful completion of 9 International Conferences in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine from 2011 – 2019, we are at the threshold of stepping forward to conducting the 10th international conference (NEM CON 2020) .

We appreciate and are grateful to all the expert speakers from various countries, sponsors, delegates and the Soukhya team for their support and contribution towards the success of the past Conferences in India.

We are extremely grateful to the Mysore University present and past Vice Chancellors and to all the colleges and organisations for their initiatives and efforts especially in making the 9th international conference a success. 

We appreciate and thank His Highness King Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar (the 27th King and custodian of the Royal House of Mysore) for being our Patron and for spending his precious time with us during the last conference.

Aim of this conference is to bring together like minded people from the global community under a single umbrella for better learning and pooling of ideas and experiences in the same field of integrated medical practice which will help in building and sustaining the health of individuals and the world at large.

World renowned faculties from various medical backgrounds will share their expertise, knowledge, experiences and success in ‘integrative medicine practice’.




Fellowship In Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (FINEM)

Postgraduate training & education program in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (FINEM) is being offered from 2012 onward.  All the modules are at par with international standards.

This fellowship program is ideal for those who want a career that involves nutritional scienceclinical nutritionpublic health and health promotion in order to develop effective nutritional & integrative medicine treatment plans for communities or individuals.

Career Opportunities:

As a Fellow of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, a number of career opportunities are available in India and overseas. There is a continually growing demand for well trained practitioners for:

  •   Private practice
  • Complementary and Medical clinics
  • Sporting clubs and gyms
  • Health retreats and Wellness Centers
  • Research and education
  • Self-employment
  • Medical Tourism
  • Govt./private Health Care Sectors
  • Teaching
  • School/Village Health programs

Furthermore Fellows can set up their own clinics, work abroad, publish journals and books, Teach Nutritional Medicine/Wellness Science in Schools or Colleges and work as volunteers to create the need of disease prevention than disease management. 

ADMISSIONS 2019 – 2020


Soukhya Training and Research Institute with the perspective of imparting awareness, training & education in the field of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, was started with a soft launch in the year 2010 by Dr. A. Sreekumar as Chairman.

Soukhya has pioneered in introducing courses, training programs and national and international conferences in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine to Doctors & graduates from all medical and allied fields in India and overseas.

The Institute focuses on best patient care by equipping doctors with the latest developments in integrating nutritional and environmental medicine with other medical systems to provide high quality patient care in regaining health than just disease cure.  Soukhya introduced a tailor made training program in 2012, which was 1st of its kind in India and it has gained global attention of doctors and graduates.

On attending this course you can be guaranteed in gaining top-level insight, expertise and credibility as you pursue your career in nutritional or integrative medicine. You will gain enough knowledge and confidence for helping patients achieve a 4 Dimensional (Physical, Mental, Spiritual and emotional/holistic) health.

Why Study in Soukhya?

  • Soukhya is the only institute which teaches Nutritional and Environmental medicine in India
  • Has a unique Fellowship course for 1 year, with conveniently structured modules and timings
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Internationally accredited expert and committed Faculties
  • Has gained global reputation over the years
  • Provides outstanding hospitality, course materials, food and individual care and attention for students
  • Modules and topics are structured in such a way as to house every one under a single roof.
  • Flexible modules and completion at your convenience; doctors can easily integrate it with their present practices
  • Doctors are trained for immediate practice after the course
  • Continuous help and support system to enable the Fellows to clear their queries and doubts
  • International conferences as Continued Medical Education (CME’s) to update the Fellows with day today developments and improvements in integrating different systems of medicine and networking
  • Opportunities for teaching and presentations on an international platform
  • Job opportunities as wellness consultants in major hospitals

 To equip doctors of all medical systems and other professionals with the latest in preventive and curative medicine and to create awareness on the importants of Cellular Nutritional Medicine, in obtaining and sustaining real health and wellness. So that the candidates can after course completion, make true differences in their own lives and in the lives of those they care for.

Medium of Instruction & Materials

 The medium of instruction is English.  The course is conducted giving 2 days contact classes for each module.  At the end of all the modules, an international conference is conducted for 3 days duration. Exams are usually given 1 day before the international conference. Printed study materials for self-study are supplied for the course.  Assignment submission is compulsory for course completion. Soft copy of the Assignment submission should be done 1 month before the exam.  Printed copy should be submitted on the day of the examination.

Eligibility Criteria

 Medical graduates from all recognized systems including Dental & Veterinary Medicine

  • AYUSH graduates and practitioners
  • Qualified and registered Nurses
  • Non-medical graduates with science background; graduates other than science may be admitted, under the strict discretion of the director board.
  • Professionals working in public and private health sectors who need deeper knowledge in nutritional and environmental medicine
  • Doctors who want to integrate cellular nutritional medicine and ozone therapy in their practices
  • Graduates and above who are eager in imparting more knowledge for their personal and professional development
  • Graduates and above personals who volunteer in creating awareness among public about preventive and curative medicine without clinical practice
  • Pharmacists, Lab Technicians, Physiotherapists and other therapists  who are interested in cellular nutritional and environmental medicine
  • Candidates from Bio technology, Engineering and other fields whose sole aim is to impart knowledge in creating real health and wellness for all

 Soukhya Foundation has launched fellowship program (FINEM) since 2012 and has been successful in imparting latest scientific knowledge in cellular biology, chemistry, physics and nutrition to doctors, health care professionals, life science and health management professionals for the purpose of imparting scientific evidence based proactive, predictive and personalized health & wellness care to the general population.

 About the Course

 The modules are designed by international experts under the guidance of academic leaders in India in integrating science, medicine and traditional wisdom. The modules were designed to equip professionals with the best in nature, best in medicine, best in science and technology.

  •  A. Sreekumar
  • Lekha Nair (PhD)

Academic Team

 Course Conveners & Mentors

Course Director – Dr. A. Sreekumar, Cochin, India

Asst. Director – Dr. Kamal Karl, New Zealand

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. S.N. Hegde,  Retd. Prof. Zoology, Former 2 term Vice Chancellor, University of  Mysuru, President, Former Vice Chancellors Forum, Karnataka, Bangalore

Prof. Dr. K. S. Rangappa, Ex-Vice Chancellor, University of Mysore, Karnataka, India, UGC-BSR Faculty Fellow, Chairman, Indian Science Congress, Chief Scientific Advisor,  Sinotar Pharmaceutical (Schenzen) Co.Ltd.

Dr. Laxminarayana Shenoy MD (Ayu), PhD; Assistant Director, State Ayurveda Research Center, Mysuru

Dr. Leroy Rebello; Founder, Eternesse Clinic Hyderabad, India, 1st doctor who introduced HLPPRP in India

Dr. Sudha Chepyala; American Board Certified Physician, Co-founder, Eternesse Medical Clinic Hyderabad, India

Dr. Lenny Da Costa; Consultant Geriatrician, Preventive Cardiologist and Anti-ageing specialist, President, SRAAAMI, Goa, India

Dr. Mili Arpan Shah; Consultant, Counseling and Psychotherapy, President, Ozone Forum of India,  Mumbai

Dr. Avni Karl; Gynaecologist & Wellness Consultant, New Zealand; Co-Founder, Wellness Center, New Zealand


*  Indian Nutritional Medical Association

*  Ozone Forum of India

*  SAAARM, Malaysia

* SRAAAMI, India

* Akshara, Indonesia


The entire course is divided into 4 modules with 2 contact classes for each module. One assignment on any selected topic related to the modules. Written examination is conducted after 4 modules followed by an international conference for 3 days. Attendance certificate is given at the end of each module. Fellowship certificate and the title FINEM are awarded after the completion of all the modules, assignment and examination.

Module 1 – 2 days

·        Introduction of Nutritional Medicine and its relevance in modern health care

·        Introduction of Environmental Health and its significance in modern health

·        Introduction of Nutrigenomics

·        Cellular principles on Health, Disease and Life

·        Cellular metabolism & Biochemistry – Stress on biochemical identity

·        Macro & Micro nutrients

·        Hormones & Mineral Balance

·        Specific Hormones – Thyroid, Adrenal Hormones

·        Diabetes

o   Patho-biochemistry

o   Metabolic Syndrome

o   Obesity

o  Role of Nutrition

·        Cardio-vascular Disorders

o   Cellular Medicine in Heart Disease

o   Nutritional Aspects in Cardiovascular Disease

o   Heart Disease and Nutrition

o   Heart Disease Management

·        Nutrients

o   CoQ10

o   Iodine

o   Nitric Oxide

o   Vitamin E

The doors of Soukhya are always open to welcome you at any time. Make up your mind today, join this course and be part of a huge venture of spreading awareness about the future of all medicines. Put your best foot forward to create health and wellness for all.