10th International Conference In Nutritional And Environmental Medicine (NEM CON 2020)

After the successful completion of 9 International Conferences in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine from 2011 – 2019, we are at the threshold of stepping forward to conducting the 10th international conference (NEM CON 2020) .

We appreciate and are grateful to all the expert speakers from various countries, sponsors, delegates and the Soukhya team for their support and contribution towards the success of the past Conferences in India.

We are extremely grateful to the Mysore University present and past Vice Chancellors and to all the colleges and organisations for their initiatives and efforts especially in making the 9th international conference a success. 

We appreciate and thank His Highness King Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar (the 27th King and custodian of the Royal House of Mysore) for being our Patron and for spending his precious time with us during the last conference.

Aim of this conference is to bring together like minded people from the global community under a single umbrella for better learning and pooling of ideas and experiences in the same field of integrated medical practice which will help in building and sustaining the health of individuals and the world at large.

World renowned faculties from various medical backgrounds will share their expertise, knowledge, experiences and success in ‘integrative medicine practice’.




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